April 10, 2017

Trying to decide on warehouse shelving? Denver’s material handling experts at Porta Power have got you covered. We know everything there is to know about warehouse storage systems. That’s why we’ve provided the following information to help guide you in your selection so that you can organize your warehouse in the most efficient and productive way possible.

When it comes to warehouse shelving, it’s important to select the right type and size in order to meet the storage needs of your facility. Having the wrong kind of shelving could impede your operations and slow down your processes, which may result in major losses for your business in the long run.

Types of Warehouse Shelving

It only takes a quick internet search to see that there are literally hundreds of different shelving products and manufacturers out there. So how are you supposed to determine which works best? The answer depends on the needs of your facility. Below we’ve listed three different types of shelving as well as the pros and cons of each system.

Option #1: Rivet Shelving

Rivet shelving is constructed from a strong steel frame and uses decking to hold the load. It’s most commonly used for warehouse, industrial, and storage room applications.

  • Pros: fast installation, affordable, high loading capacity
  • Cons: high shipping costs, aesthetics, limited customization

Option #2: Steel Shelving

Steel shelving uses back and sway braces to steady the shelving unit and is available in both open and closed styles. It’s commonly used for office spaces, warehouses, and tool cribs.

  • Pros: modularity, high density storage, aesthetics
  • Cons: expensive, more complicated installation, limited mobility

Option #3: Wire Shelving

Wire shelving consists of wire decking supported by metal supports. It has an open construction which allows for access from all four sides. It’s mostly commonly used for commercial applications.

  • Pros: most attractive, easy maintenance, highly adjustable
  • Cons: most expensive, limited size variations, lower capacity

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