April 21, 2017

There are many great options that make finding a forklift in Denver fairly easy. But the question is: should you rent a forklift or purchase one? While leasing may be a good option for limited short-term use, it may not be the best solution for everyone.

Reasons to Consider Buying a Forklift

When it comes down to deciding between buying or renting warehouse equipment, it’s best to look at the long term costs and the possible advantages on both sides. You may find that purchasing is the best option for your company because…

#1: It can be more affordable to buy a forklift.

Many rental companies will charge you by the hour to lease a forklift. If you’re going to be using a forklift for several hours of the day over an extended period of time, you may want to consider purchasing one as it’s likely to be the less expensive option.

#2: You won’t be liable for damages.

Renting warehouse equipment can be compared to leasing a vehicle. If you damage or scratch that car while it’s in your possession, it’s likely that you’ll have to pay for the repairs. Buying a forklift could be a good idea for avoiding these additional costs especially if you’re going to use it for a rugged application.

#3: You may be able to deduct the expense on your taxes.

Purchasing a forklift could qualify as a deductible business expense. For more information about the tax implications of your purchase, you can check with one of our warehouse consultants or speak to a local tax agency.

#4: You can buy a used forklift instead of paying for a new one.

Purchasing a forklift doesn’t necessarily mean buying a brand new piece of equipment. You can always buy a used one instead. At Porta Power, we carry many different styles of forklifts available for purchase.

Material Handling Equipment in Denver

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