May 10, 2017

Using carts, dollies, and pallet jacks can help to make the processes quicker in a warehouse and eliminate injuries caused by lifting. However, material equipment must be used properly in order to avoid hazards,  accidents, and serious injuries. The experts at Porta Power in Denver are here to offer the following advice on how to use carts, dollies, and pallet jacks safely.*

Safety Tips for Using Carts, Dollies & Pallet Jacks

#1: Check the condition of your material handling equipment.

It’s important to inspect your equipment before moving anything in order to prevent accidents. Look for cracks and damage in the handles, wheels, and other parts of your equipment. Broken or defective equipment should not be operated and should be removed from the premises to prevent accidental usage.

#2: Load all materials carefully.

Loading objects correctly can prevent injury, damage, and breakage. Take time to ensure that the load is secure, the weight is evenly distributed, and that it’s balanced. If you have small items that may be at risk of falling off a cart, place them in a bin. It’s also important to know the load capacity of your equipment and to never let a load get too big.

#3: Use proper lifting techniques.

Back injuries are very common in warehouses and are usually the result of improper lifting. Employees should always bend from the knees or hips, not tilt forward to pick up an object. Objects should not be stacked above eye level or lifted above the level of the shoulder. It’s always a good idea to provide height adjustable equipment for employees to prevent injuries caused by bending.

#4: Use personal protective equipment.

Employees should use leather gloves, back belts, and protective footwear. Non-slip shoes are also usually a requirement in most warehouses. Using protective equipment can help prevent injuries caused by falling objects, heavy loads, and slippery surfaces.

*Please note that this information is meant to be used only as a quick reference. We strongly recommend sticking to the guidelines provided by OSHA guidelines and equipment manuals.

Material Handling Equipment in Denver

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