May 29, 2017

At Porta Power, we’re always here to offer our assistance when it comes to finding the right material handling equipment. That’s why so many warehouse owners come to us when they need reliable, affordable dock equipment in Denver. And to prove just how much we’re committed to offering you the best service possible, we’ve created the following guide to introduce you to the different types and benefits of industrial dock equipment.

A Quick, Friendly Guide to Warehouse Dock Equipment

Having the right dock equipment can save your warehouse time, money, and protect the safety of your employees. Check out the following information to learn all about what to look for when you’re making comparisons!

Types of Dock Levelers

There are three main types of dock levelers available on today’s market. These include mechanical levelers, hydraulic levelers, and air powered. Each types has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

  • Mechanical levelers – Mechanical levelers are reliable, affordable, and do not incur any energy costs. Mechanical levelers require manual operation by a dock attendant.
  • Hydraulic levelers – Hydraulic levelers have a high loading capacity and allow operations to run smoothly. However, they can be more expensive than other options.
  • Air powered levelers – Air dock levelers use an air powered system to operate and are very low maintenance. Cons of air levels include safety risks, expense, and limited customization.

Dock Boards vs. Dock Plates

Though dock boards and dock plates may sound like the same thing, the truth is that there are some differences between the two. Which one you need depends on your unique demands and needs.

  • Dock plates – Dock plates are typically made of aluminum and are designed to be used for lighter loads. Dock plates are flat for the most part with the exception of a slight bend and they also do not have curbs on the side.
  • Dock boards – Dock boards can be made of either steel or aluminum and are meant to be used for high capacity applications. Most dock boards are able to bear loading capacities of up to 20,000 lbs. Dock boards also have curbs on the side to prevent equipment from running off.

Choose Porta Power for Dock Equipment in Denver

Porta Power is your source for dock equipment in Denver. We always have a variety of dock boards, levelers, and material handling equipment in stock at our warehouse. Call us today to speak to a specialist about what docking system is right for you!