Need help getting rid of your used warehouse equipment? Porta Power offers professional liquidation services for Denver and the surrounding area. Whether you’re relocating or need to downsize your inventory, we can help! Our team will evaluate your equipment and provide a fair offer to purchase your items!

Why Liquidate?

There are many good reasons to consider liquidation. If you’re selling your company, liquidating your inventory could help you increase your total sales revenue. It can also make the process of moving into a new building faster and easier. It’s also a viable option for lowering the expense of purchasing new equipment if you’re in need of an upgrade. By partnering with a professional liquidation company, you can save time and money and maximize the return on your investment.

Our Liquidation Process

Porta Power has been in the business of commercial liquidation for over 25 years. Our expert knowledge and experience in this industry allows us to gain an advantage in the liquidation process. We use the following method to help our clients gain substantial earnings and sell their inventory in a fast, efficient manner.

  1. Evaluation: We begin by inspecting your equipment to determine its value. Once we have gathered all the necessary information, we price the items accordingly.
  2. Sale of items: Next, we sell all of the equipment that is high in value or commodity. Then we offload the remaining inventory to various connections we have in the industry.
  3. Deconstruction: Once all of the shelved inventory has been sold, we dismantle your storage equipment, which includes all shelves and racking. These items are sold as well to further increase your total profits.

Get an Estimate

Find out today how you could benefit from liquidation! Contact Porta Power to receive an estimate on commercial liquidation services from Denver’s leading material handling consultants.