May 1, 2017

At Porta Power, we’re often asked by business owners in Denver about how they can improve the efficiency of their warehouse layout. One common recommendation that we make is installing a mezzanine. Mezzanines are one of the most easily overlooked but beneficial storage systems. They can be installed into a new or existing facility to maximize storage space, improve inventory management, and increase warehouse productivity and efficiency.

What is a mezzanine?

A mezzanine is a storage system that allows you to increase your floorspace by utilizing the height of your warehouse. A typical mezzanine is made of an elevated platform which is installed between the floor and the ceiling. By creating an additional level of flooring, a mezzanine allows you to use the space beneath it for storage. Most mezzanines are freestanding and can be moved or reconfigured with ease.

The Benefits of Using a Mezzanine

Installing a mezzanine could prove to be highly beneficial for your warehouse for a number of reasons including:
Increased storage space: A mezzanine uses the vertical space of your warehouse to open up room on the floor level. Installing a mezzanine could double or triple the square footage of your storage space.
Customization: A mezzanine can be custom-designed to meet the exact specifications of your warehouse. This can be especially useful for buildings with angled or curved walls.
An alternative to relocation: Relocating can be time consuming and expensive. But by installing a mezzanine, you can stay in your current space and achieve the additional storage you need.

Porta Power is your source for warehouse mezzanines in Denver.

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